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Guangling! (Welcome!)

What was going to be my introductory post became a page meagerly titled “About…” which explains the username and the purpose (of sorts) for this blog. So go click that if you’re curious about this particular new landscape on the world wide web.

I meant to write a proper post long ago, but unfortunately, I’m in internet insecurity here. I’m still waiting for one of two things to happen that will result in happy high-speed constancy for my internet connection. One would be a roommate moving into our six-bedroom apartment that has a computer and a similar internet addiction. The other would be that my papers finish filing (which may take a while as I hear they are all on strike), and my paycheck comes (I wish I could say that counting the days would be an overstatement, but it isn’t), and I can sign up myself.

I have to warn any potential readers… I can get carried away with slightly Faulknerian asides that involve an excess of parentheses. I also tend to ellipse far too often, and can run-on quite a bit.

I used to be an editor, so I’m sensitive enough to be embarrassed about these things, but as a writer, well, I tend to let myself go– perhaps too much.

Since I was born in the US, and English is the only language that I can claim any fluency in, I’ve been trying to learn Chinese, but my attempts so far have been baby-Chinese on my mother’s lap (I can say I want milk and I was bad, but not really carry out a reasonable adult conversation), Chinese Saturday classes (I remember how to say “ear,” and “white bunny,” slightly less than half of the phonetic system Zhuyin Fuhao (bo po mo fo), and some children’s songs– one involving a tiger and one involving a doll), and smatterings of things I have picked up here and there from eavesdropping on conversations I couldn’t really understand (“gkin aah” meaning “kids” generally caused lots of looks in my direction¬† *edit:¬† have since realized that this is actually Taiwanese which exemplfies the following…). I suspect that I really know more Taiwanese than Chinese, but I’m not sure since I tend to mix them to the amusement of my parents and until somewhat recently (I think…) I couldn’t tell between them.

So far I’ve been in Taiwan a little over a month and haven’t really gotten into trouble– walking into a parked bicycle, and narrowly avoiding an out-of-control scooter doesn’t really count. I have spent time reflecting on the world that I’ve found here and trying to figure out how to take out my garbage, not ruffle relatives’ feathers, and getting my physical from the hospital (this involved two hospitals–it took me stumbling in bad Chinese to find one English speaker out of four people in the first hospital who could explain that I couldn’t go there for a physical).

Anyway, feel free to say hello!


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