If you tried to post a comment and it was identified as spam.

I just discovered the manipulating comments section of my administrative powers here on WordPress, and was a bit distressed to realize that there were 12 comments marked as spam.  Of the four that hadn’t been deleted yet, two were attempts by ME to reply to a comment (duh, WordPress Akismet spam blocker!), and one was from a friend.  I’ll be more careful about keeping an eye on it from now on.

Tomorrow I’m hauling my class on a field trip no one is enthused about.  I love where we’re going, but am not sure I’m up to the task of inspiring excitement in my students…  especially as I’m supposed to have them write a report on it.  At this point, they’ve all told me they’d rather stay in school and have their quizzes and play games afterwards– the usual Friday routine.  Ungrateful brats…  They didn’t like poetry; when I cooked with my class of five, everyone had some a issue or other– no chocolate, no dairy products, not fond of bananas, etc.; when I fed them junk food, so and so got more, they wanted more flavors; no whole class ever truly agrees on what game to play on Fridays, etc….!  I really do love my students, but goodness, making them happy is difficult!  I just hope I don’t lose anyone, or wilt before we make it safely back.  And on that cheery note…  g’night.


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