Featured Fruit of the Week: Rose Apple or Lio Ding (edit: Lien Woo or Liem Boo)


Isn’t it pretty?! The rose apple, or lio ding, if I recall correctly, [edit: I didn’t recall correctly, as my mother has kindly pointed out that it is in fact lien woo (Chinese) or liem boo (Taiwanese)] was introduced to me by my friend YH, who is a huge fan of them, and recommended that they be selected based on the darker shade of red and opened up piku, or butt, the bottom of the fruit. They are supposed to be especially good from Pingdong, I think, and began appearing in my 24-hr fruit market around October or November (it all runs together in my head about now…). They have a lovely color, sometimes a deep dark red, and at times, a more rosy tint. The inside has a really neat consistency–close to the seed it seems almost spongy. They are crisp, and sweet. And as you can see, there is usually a seed in the middle, which can be somewhat soft as well, not hard. It is very very yummy.

P.S.: Yes, that’s my room, and yes, I’m still messy, but look! I avoided TV by plastering over it with zhuyin fuhao, which worked… for a little while.


3 Responses to “Featured Fruit of the Week: Rose Apple or Lio Ding (edit: Lien Woo or Liem Boo)”

  1. 1 Rayshiang
    February 14, 2007 at 9:18 pm

    You have got me really confused! It looks like a lian woo, not a lio ding! If it is lian woo, then it is a summer fruit. The best variety for lian woo is “black diamond”, which has dark red skin. Lio ding is orange.

  2. February 16, 2007 at 2:00 am

    I think you’re right, Lian woo is probably it– I make no claims as to my ability to remember things properly… Thanks for keeping me honest!

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