A break from our coverage of Chinese New Year happenings…

Stanley has arrived! Flat Stanley from California is staying with me this week, and today we went to the traditional market. The traditional market is a good reason to get up early. It’s a few blocks from where I live, and has EVERYTHING… well, everything except barrettes without rhinestones or sparkly bling or Hello Kitty (TM). I got tsao tze– a contender for a future Fruit of the Week (which, come to think of it, I may have missed a week or two of…), and dumplings. Can I just say– dumplings from the traditional market are SO much better than the frozen kind– they are the difference between tea from over-used leaves and freshly brewed!? (Okay, maybe I was struggling for an appropriate metaphor there.)

I know I was supposed to lose a bit of the gained Chinese New Year plumpness, but this is an incredible discovery, which jeopardizes that somewhat.

There were live chickens (well, I actually saw one in the process of no longer being a live chicken– which was slightly green-inducing), fish (I feel bad for the oceans when I see them, but hungry and aesthetically pleased at the same time– they’re so pretty!), nuts, dishes, paper money for the gods, clothes, steamed buns, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and cute stray kitties with genetic predispositions to having short tails (half a normal tail).

There would be photographs, but my computer or my camera (it seems to likely be the latter) has decided not to be on sharing terms, so until there is some reconciliation (which I’m not certain how to facilitate…), I’ll be returning to photoblogging the recent happier shared past.


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