A photo I didn’t take…

I walk across the park in front of my apartment every day to go to work on the opposite side, or get my bubble tea fix and then go to work on the opposite side.

It’s a fairly decent-sized park with playgrounds, pavilions, avenues of trees, the library, little amphitheaters made out of the hills, and dried out fake ponds.  People are often dancing there or Tai-Chi-ing or doing their Falun Gong meditations.

Often, at least once a week or more on days where there’s a breeze and no rain, I’ll see him.  An old weathered man who has a little wooden thing in his hand and is looking up.

He is usually looking up at his kite, a triangle that dips and catches on the wind.  Today, I asked him if I could take his picture as he looked up at his kite with a certain wonder.  He waved me off.  So, instead I watched his colorful isosceles triangle kite, which always caught the updraft right before extending its descent to the ground.

Sometimes it’s a cluster of men flying a series of kites, but it’s usually an older sort of a man, no kids around, just holding onto a line that connects to a kite higher than the buildings that surround the park.

I wonder what they’re thinking as they fly their kites in the often grey smog sky.


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