New rain…

A quick shower has just fallen and faded, as showers often do here.  Now the air is fresh and cool.  I’m sitting at my desk before the open window, the screen and windowguard, which were ineffectual in keeping out the sated mosquito that feasted on me last night.  I woke with an itchy right eyelid (look as if I’ve been punched at the moment), a swollen index finger, and a stung foot.

It’s been in the eighties here lately.  As one who is used to springs easing in with days in the sixties and seventies lulling through April after the snow melts and the crocuses have faded, I’ve been vaguely dazed.  Locals tell me that it’s atypical for Taiwan actually, and it is going back down to rainy and in the sixties (Fahrenheit, I’m an American in that respect, certainly) this week.

Yesterday my roommates and I were a bit loony due to the heat and ran down to the 7/11 for an ice cream run in the late afternoon.  I’m really not looking forward to the sauna that Taiwan becomes in the summer.  When I first arrived, I felt awkward about using the A/C in my uncle’s house, since they didn’t really use it much, and I’d be soaked with sweat as soon as I stepped out of the shower through the night.  I give props to everyone in the pre-A/C age.

When I first came to Taiwan this trip, I couldn’t believe that it actually gets cold in Taiwan.  After all, I’m used to the East Coast, and every time I visited Taiwan, it was during the school holidays in the very very hot summer.

Winter here is cold and grey.  It never frosts here and snows only in the mountains.  There is generally no heating, because you can get by if you’re heavily layered.  I now can appreciate the utility of long johns, since there’s no sweltering steam heat in the buildings to make them suffocating.  I spent quite a bit of time huddled underneath my massive comforter here in the winter.  Taiwan showed up all my East-Coast scorn of it’s supposed coldness though, and I got myself wool socks. I started knitting myself mittens that are now definitely going to be socks, since one has achieved a heel.


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