Just because it’s about two in the morning, and I should be asleep, but, as usual, am not.  It is suddenly pouring rain here, as if the heavens have lost a favorite child, thrashing with winds swirling.  There was a very loud bang that made everything shake, and my suitemate had me join her in her room to make sure there was nothing scary there.  I’ve promised to sleep with my door open, just in case.  I had my window open three inches, and walking to my dresser, slipped on the wet tile floor five feet away from the window.  My heart character (amongst other random brushings) has lost the battle with the rainy wind from the window and is sitting in a puddle now.

I should take my brushes out again.

I filed my US tax extension (though I technically didn’t have to, since I’m automatically extended until June, and perhaps filed the wrong one, since I discovered after filing it that I perhaps should have filed the one for foreigners seeking bona fide residence…), which is unfortunately my modus operandi since I started filing as an independent.

The AIT website was a bit less-than helpful in figuring out how to go about filing my taxes, since they referred me to the page with the same broken link twice (the second time after I e-mailed them to point it out…).  I feel bad for the American Institute in Taiwan people, though.  After all, since Taiwan is not acknowledged as a country, they don’t get to write off their income the way they would if they were part of an official embassy (this was specifically mentioned by the IRS in their taxes for foreign residents section).

I kind of miss the mad dash to make it to the Penn Station post office where people hand out free hot dogs and dress up to protest things like the unequal tax burden distribution as the clock ticks to midnight.

I was going to e-file, but then realized that the program I was using wouldn’t let me check the foreign resident box.  Luckily my roommate had an operational printer and I finally dropped it off to the post office before work.

The rush of rain-cleaned air and the rhythm make me want to go to the park and dance in the puddles.  However, I’m tired, and should be in bed, and alive and perky tomorrow morning for parental approval.

Hm.  I’ve got a backlog of possible blog posts in my head that possibly include: bras, love, and hair (in no particular order), but I’m still behind on things like Mister Donut, and would probably turn too red in the process of writing the former (after all, I am a Victorian priss who still often refers to bras as “unmentionables”), though the scribbler in me tends to be bolder than the me in real life.   So anyway, after this post on the weather and taxes (two constants perhaps?), I’ll have to see what strikes my fancy…  Preferably before midnight some other night.


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