I have been tagged by the lovely paideia— so here are seven random things about me– though between the collective readership of this blog you probably know most of them, if not all….

  1. I arrived in Taiwan at 7 AM on August 25th. By dinnertime, my aunt and cousin helped me visit my school and look at five apartments.
  2. Though I love to dance, and have danced on a table, in the snow, under the moon, in the rain, by the beach, in studios, and many a wedding, my first ever experience dancing at a club was Halloween this year in Taipei, at Luxy. (I didn’t like the smoke, and of course, was somewhat inappropriately dressed– not up enough to be a legitimate witch, and not down enough to be… well, fashionable… I wasn’t all that excited by the music anyway.)
  3. I’m about to do my second appearance as a model at a fashion show ever, (if what I have in translation is correct) on Sunday. Like my first appearance, it’s a favor for a friend. I’m too prudish to be an exciting or even a passably interesting model (as the friend who needed me for the first fashion show found out), and gave up the idea of trying to be gorgeous a long time ago. I’m not into the girly-girl thing, can’t wear heels, wince at makeup (pulled out eyelashes trying to get mascara off after a play in summer camp), and quail at showing skin. (A certain contingent of family and friends want me on What Not to Wear.) For some reason, trying to be beautiful makes me feel ugly. My last turn on a runway was painful, too– learning to not trip or clunk overmuch in platform shoes was horrid. Of course, the one time I did get made-up and glorified for a photo shoot in Taiwan, I had a fun time– but that was around high school, and my family was there laughing with me when the photographer with the goatee tried to model with a mincing charm the poses he wanted me to do. There is incriminating video of me doing my imitation of Scarlett O’Hara in a poofy dress. Thankfully, I think my uncle’s probably lost it amongst his mounds of stuff.
  4. I majored in American Studies. Partially because it was the choice that felt the least restrictive (anything in the college with “American” in the title could count as an elective), perhaps partially because it was in the beginning of the book (European studies could have been fairly broad too, though there probably weren’t quite as many course-offerings I’d have had available at my school), and partially because I had fantastic professors in the department and liked the multi-disciplinary approach of analyzing my country’s culture, history, politics, etc. and learning more about myself in the process. I’ve been able to use the skills and background I developed then as I figure out Taiwan now. I miss being a college student. Trying to be useful in the real world is hard.
  5. My students started spontaneously humming Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” today and reminded me of why sometimes I’m in love with being a teacher.
  6. I have highly eligible single relatives and friends– varying in age from college-ish to forties and fifties (well, I’m not fixing up any of the high schoolers, sorry dears…). Anyone want to toss a hat in for consideration? They’re all lovely, interesting, fun, well-traveled, amazing people. I’m willing to make introductions which I think are suitable, though not willing to take any responsibility past that. Any of the aforementioned singletons want a feature on the blog? (For some odd reason, they’ve steadfastly declined my offer to help them write up personal ads…) Of course, no pressure or anything, I certainly appreciate that the simplification and freedom singleness entails can be a prudent lifestyle choice.
  7. I missed snow angels this year.

I’m not tagging anyone, but you, reader, I’d love to hear at least one random thing about you. (Though more would be groovy!)


2 Responses to “Seven”

  1. 1 will
    May 22, 2007 at 4:05 am

    american studies major. that narrows it down to… umass, cornell, georgetown, berkeley, cuny, yale… am i on the right path?

  2. May 22, 2007 at 5:03 am

    Wow– you know all those schools offer AMST majors off the top of your head? Hm… Maybe that’s a starter list for the PhD I’ve thought about in the past.

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