Fuss and Feathers

So, Saturday afternoon found me in borrowed finery from my awesome colleague, a white sundress with a window band of lace around my bellybutton, as well as new purchases of a shrug and white ballet flats the night before.  I’m a Victorian goose, so the idea of showing my calves, let alone my bellybutton (even behind a veil of lace) which hasn’t been in public view since I sported a bikini without shame at the tender age of three, was a bit ghastly to me.  However, my circle here assured me that it was okay to wear white to a wedding, and no one could see my bellybutton anyway.

I was meeting my cousin, once again without a cellphone (mine decided to die right before I left).  So I told him I’d meet him in front of the new Sogo, and found myself running late down the escalators and up the escalators in a dress, which I’ve been informed is incorrect deportment for dress wearing, but I really don’t care.

Anyway, once out of the subway, I realized I had no idea where exactly in front of the new Sogo he would be, or if he even got my message, so I stood on top of a stone pillarish thing and was the object of speculation for taxi drivers, bus drivers (one driving an empty green bus with a destination labeled for Sun Moon Lake– which is a lovely place to visit was a bit confused and gestured to me offering me a ride), and random motorists that I peeked down through the tinted windows to check and see if they’d be my cousin.
He did pull up finally and we were on our way to a distant relative’s wedding. My mom’s cousin’s daughter was a beautiful happy bride, and the church wedding was lovely, even if my Chinese is still horribly scattershot.  I think there’s a thing in our family where wedding ceremony kisses tend towards shy pecks.  Being shy about PDA (Public Displays of Affection as we called it in summer camp) myself, I can completely understand the reticence to go full-lip-lock for the wedding going public.  However, I admit as part of the audience that the wedding isn’t quite as satisfying a performance with just a quick peck.  The aforementioned peck is cute though.  They sang to each other, thanked their parents, and just glowed with joy, which was marvelous to behold.

I’d only met this relative once at another cousin’s wedding, but she was lovely and sweet then and lovely and sweet again at her own wedding.

I met multitudes of my mother’s cousins, one of whom prayed for me on the spot (very sweet, but it did take me a bit aback– I’d just met him and he was praying for my career and a fellow who would follow the way of the Lord for me… It’s apparently obvious I need heavenly intervention!), my cosy aunts, prospective cousin, and so forth.

My transformation into something “lady-like” was appreciated, while the lack of make-up was also noted (my mother has to corner me and scold in order to get me to grudgingly wear goop– she’s still in the states, so missed the chance to make me glamorous).

We went to the banquet, with its many many delicious courses.  Though there was no cake, there was pie, ice cream, mango pudding, and candy.  The bride changed into a couple of gorgeous gowns and the happy couple had their friends present toasts. I like the whole idea of candy served at the end for the guests to make things sweet.  I do miss dancing at weddings though.


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