Lychee picking

Sunday saw four of us squeezed in the backseat of my uncle’s car, as we made our way South to pick lychees (li juh), and go to visit my aunts.

We were luckily not rained upon, and wandered down the hill past pineapple fields, groves of bananas, oranges, and into the lychee orchard.

The lychees were hanging heavy on the branches, brightly red in the overcast afternoon. We grabbed onto a bunch and broke the branches off with a flick up and down. As soon as the lychee branch was broken off, the rest of the branch would spring up, released from the burden of their sweetness.

We stripped the leaves off the branches and collected the harvest in large blue plastic baskets to divvy up later. We ended up with a trunk full of sweet lychees.

My aunt’s cousin owns and designed a hotel there which is based around historical stories and poems.

The wading pool.

There’s a man-made tea stream– a channel carved on the patio in a pretty design. Apparently Wang (something I don’t remember but not Wang Wei), wrote a poem about a game poets used to play, floating teacups down a stream. Before picking up a cup of tea, a poet would have to recite or create a poem on the spot.

So, we all sat around the little channel of water as my aunt’s cousin made tea for us, and those in the know actually did recite Chinese poetry as they picked up the little teapot from the flowing water.


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    October 5, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    wicked thannx

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