Lineage illuminated…

So, my parents have arrived to visit! My Dad and I did dinner last night before my Mom arrived this morning. He caused quite a sensation by surprising me at my school (my entire class was excited and insisted on coming downstairs to see him– then they all agreed we look alike). My colleague was telling me that my Dad’s kuh aie (cute) like me.

While we strolled around I noticed that the hem of his shorts was giving up. When we were back at my place, I did a quick running stitch to fix it up a bit. I’m not a very good seamstress– it’s a crooked, slightly puckered stitch, but my Dad insisted it was fine. As I was handing them back to him, I noticed a stain, and chided him for it (quite the mother hen I turned into last night– also insisted that he call me when he arrived at my uncle’s place). He shrugged and said for some reason, stains always happen to him and he can’t get them out. So now I know who I inherited that trait from… ;D

My Mom arrived early this morning, and we visited one of my aunties who filled us up with yummy Tainan ba tzang (song-szu in Chinese– sticky rice with goodies wrapped in large leaves). Shown here with my friend Flat Stanley, courtesy of a second grade class in California…

Wrapped and unwrapped.

Bazhang is traditional food for the Dragonboat Festival. We met up with some other relations for lunch, and then promptly collapsed back in my room for a long nap.

We were called up to have some molasses shaved ice, and then it was suggested that we try tzo dofu (stinky tofu), which we universally rejected immediately. So we do indeed have the same taste in some things…

My Mom’s been ferreting out all my unsavory secrets from my roommates (like my resistance to doctors, or my tendency to forget my lunch boxes in the refrigerator). They’ve been having fun together– they agree that my Mom and I are quite alike in mannerisms, etc., though my nose and tendency to attract stains are indeed my father’s.

My parents agree that my Chinese has improved a lot, but they also have fun correcting me… Quite frequently.


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