Public Service Announcement #2

When it rains in Taiwan, tile walkways get very very slippy.

Should you slip on a tile walkway, goop up the gash with Burt’s Bees green goop, then have it cleaned out with iodine (which stings, considerably.), and such, you should still keep it away from tap water, because it will still get infected as apparently the water (which you should boil in order to drink, and apparently clean wounds with) still has bacteria in it which will turn your gash the color of pus except where it gets red and swollen on the edges.

(Perhaps that was Too Much Info?  Sorry.)

And unlike in the US where they would probably tell you to air it out, they tell you to keep it covered and safe from contamination here.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have made that joke about not getting gangrene– perhaps that was tempting the bacteria?

Oh, and no matter how grown-up you try to be to impress upon your doting parents that you’re truly able to handle yourself as a grown up, they will see through you when they get back from a week’s trip and find you’ve managed to acquire an infected hole in your leg (which I’m totally exaggerating for effect, really).

They will especially be skeptical when you manage to contract a full-on nasty cold while touring some of the most scenic areas of Taiwan.  (Yes, there are now photos of us squinting in the sun in front of various visitor centers, and scenic spots– I’m regretting my charitable wish to allow future generations the pleasure of gleefully cackling over photos of me and wishing I’d revert to the mode of being behind the camera more than in front of it.)


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