Conclusion… not.

I always envision transitions in my life involving some form of transformation in myself.  If only I hop off and toss myself here or there or in that quicksand pit, I’ll naturally become some unrecognizably uber-cool character afterwards…  Think glowing Audrey Hepburn post-Paris in Sabrina or post escape/haircut in Roman Holiday.  Or Dorothy after her return from Oz (though she doesn’t retain her color, she still gleams).

Travel can be transformative– I’ve found it to be that way wandering on my own in France, or climbing Kyerongsan in Korea, but I always sort of end up feeling not quite there yet, which may explain why I’m still something of a rambling spirit.

However, I’m about hop on another plane to return back to where I began, and I’m in roughly the same shape I was this time last year (well, the new “socks” are a bit different, but essentially the same, if more fragrant with Chinese herbs).  There are still unfinished strands I need to tie (some of them have gathered dust over the course of a year), and I still pull all-nighters before I hoist up my bags in order to fly away again.

I guess this is real life, right, nothing ever completely finishes– that’s the art involved in endings which my blog drafts long for.

I’m just still not uber-cool yet.  Though I’ve seen beautiful places and learned a wealth of lore, I’m not quite there yet.

I need to buy more tickets…

Becoming Taiwanese will return, Banquo-like most likely without the cool stage and screen effects though still hashing out the past…  As usual, I’m behind.


2 Responses to “Conclusion… not.”

  1. 1 B
    August 8, 2007 at 6:24 am

    man i feel the same way. I just keep traveling and seeing things but it doesn’t feel that void that you think it would…oh well shit. Wut you going ta do.

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