Birds from our resort in Kenting

While we were in Kenting, we stayed at The Swan Lake Resort, which does indeed have a lake of swans.

I love the curly feathers.


They also has my dad’s old friends, the white fan-tailed pigeons. He used to have a flock that he bicycled out into the countryside with, letting them go to fly back home. It’s the one myth everyone in the family starts to tell, when pressed for stories about my father. My cousin tells me how my father tucked the pigeons firmly, but gently into his hands, teaching him how to hold them. I like that image of my father, an eager boy with slim hands filled with the softness of white feathers and a fast-beating heart.

These pigeons seem to be possessed of quite an attitude.


Headshot of a mandarin duck.

He was rather camera-shy, hiding in the willows most of the time, teasing me by looking away, except for this slight nod, as if to acknowledge me.

It was a fun place to stay– there were the wen chuan, of different temperatures, and one bath that had red water in it which was supposed to be good for you. The tub was made out of a special kind of wood that was supposed to be native from Taiwan. After the wood was exposed to water, the water turned red.


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