In Between

Note: This post is in-between the missing posts that are overdue, and the ones that are going to be. Please forgive me.

Sorry that I haven’t updated in months. I’ve had the blog on my mind, added to my drafts pile, and just not ponied up and finished a post and… err… posted.

To be honest, my life has been fairly quotidian. I’ve not got any great excuses for not updating in a long long time to keep ye faithful visitors… um… faithful.

I hope that you have been well and enjoying your own adventures this past fall, and that the holidays have been relaxing and fun and cosy and full of fluffy snow for you.

Hm. I seem to be rusty at this blog-posting thingie.


The (not-so) quick version of the past few months: sitting in front of my computer groaning over words like “of” or “to” and sifting through an accumulated pile of poems that shifted me through memories, some of which made me wistful or thoughtful, some of which made me laugh grimly, wincingly, and at times gleefully at my silliness, and some of which made me shudder and click the little “x” in the corner. Some things, I guess, are better left.

I did a quick spat of being very good. With my usual admirable inconsistency, it lasted only a few weeks. I yoga-ed, I used up fountain pen cartridges with fluid rapidity, and a sheaf and a half of paper.

I am in the middle of wading through paperwork and my own words and navel-gazing in order to make a space for myself next year. I’m almost done.

With camera in tow, I did make a visit to Guandu Bird Park, climb a mountain, and return to Tainan for Moon Festival. I didn’t have it for my tumble off a bike to bloody my knee (note: flipping one’s purse from one side to the other while riding a bike messes up the balance and rewards one with pebbles embedded in the palm.), which is probably good, since it may not have survived my lack of skill.

I have gone to the market, taken photos of a few fruits, nibbled said fruits, and meant to post… but haven’t… yet.

Generally, I ran across the park to work, and from work back across the park home with my hair floating and disheveled like ruffled feathers. I’ve vowed not to cut it until I fulfill a promise to myself. With my track record, I may end up a bit like Rapunzel, should it all not fall out first.

My children uncovered my true age. They used it as an opportunity to get in league with my aunts. This may or may not have been in collusion with the occasion of my students singing “Teacher is o-old! Teacher is o-old!” as I advanced another year into my dotage.

I spent Christmas on a mission to rot the teeth of my entire school by making peppermint bark, shortbread caramel chocolate cookies, and peanut brittle with my classes. My sixth grade class ended up with chocolate all over their faces (in the spirit of toddlers who have just discovered chocolate) thanks to energetically licking the spoon. It was sweet. I didn’t have my camera though…

I bought Christmas cards, but didn’t send or address them… Would anyone still like one in the spirit of surreal “Christmas all through the year” (which is a bad paraphrase of the old Sesame Street Christmas special song)?

Anyway, with the galvanized zeal of a sinner coming back into the fold, I vow that I’ll be blogging merrily away, at least post-mid-January, when most of my paper-shuffling should be complete.

As usual as of late in my little blogdom, I’m behind, but try not to hold it against me.

I’m going to get back to unfinished paper-wading now, but I will be back.


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