Things I learned on the back of my aunt’s scooter

1. A wrap-around sarong skirt causes one to reveal WAY more leg than normal outside of a beach or if one had a propensity for hotpants, which I don’t. (There is the way of riding a scooter side-saddle as it were, but considering my difficulty in keeping my balance just walking in a straight line normally… Well, it didn’t seem to be such a good idea. At least it was dark.)

2. Let the bag ride the little rack in the back, as it has a propensity to shift a bit.

3. Tall plant purchases interfere with the driver’s visibility and should be held down so the road doesn’t become a blur of leaves…

4. If there is any way possible for dusty specks to fly into my eyes, they will. However, the wind in my face is delightful.

5. I should stretch more and remember to do my ankle exercises so my feet actually stay perched sticking out like Mickey Mouse ears from the scooter. (Anyone have any tips on hopping onto and off of scooters gracefully in ways that do not cause one to end up with pant-leg/shoelace caught on the scooter and most frightful staggering for the amusement of the locals? I suspect this is complicated by me being short and stubby… even in Taiwan, a large proportion of chairs don’t let me sit with my back against the back of the chair and my feet comfortably resting on the floor.)

6. In case of rainstorms: the bag goes under the poncho, the helmet goes on top of the poncho hood, and one’s legs and feet will get wet. There was a commuter who bagged his legs and feet, so I suppose if one is willing to go through the effort, it’s possible.

ETA: 7. Hair up in chopsticks does not go under a helmet well. A low ponytail is the way to go…


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