Logistical note if you know me…

So those of you whom I’ve been meaning to call or who have been trying to call me– my cell phone decided it couldn’t wait a week to have charging issues.  I’m using my lovely cousin’s cell phone with mixed success.  If you’ve called and haven’t gotten through, or I was supposed to call you and haven’t yet– it’s quite likely that I’ve been unable to get the phone to cough up your number/ haven’t been free to call when it was a decent hour/ the handset was dead or locked up and unlockable (It was ringing merrily as I was pressing “ANSWER” until my thumb was white.   Still it rang with undaunted enthusiasm until I got a pencil to write down the caller’s number when it naturally gave up.)

There’s a version of Murphy’s Law for cell phones that always seems to apply to me.  This situation reminds me…  Um, if  Richard who was accosted by an odd girl in the Taipei MRT and generously allowed her to use his handset to call her cousin happens to ever read this– sorry that I never got back to you about tea.  I didn’t mean to be Amelie-ish, things got piled up; and I admit that I’m skittish when complimented.

(I have the feeling this is one of those posts that I’ll grimace at when no longer exhausted and spinning on the vortex of packing, farewells, and logistical things like doctors and banks which always bring out the worst of my scatterbrained-ness (left my purse in the loo today and disgracefully conked out on my auntie’s sofa after ODing on familial birthday cake yesterday.))

This blog will return to Taiwan-ness someday , really, I promise  (probably Novemberish– then it will all be retrospective, but it’s always been rather retrospective, and there may be a dash of my misadventures in SE Asia on a linked page).


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