Roadside Scenery around Hualien

Sorry I’ve been dreadful about posting and responding to comments recently.

Here are some photos of the countryside of Hualien from the vantage point of a tour bus full of children…

Many of the riverbeds in Taiwan are dry as this one is.  Often the water is diverted into rice paddies.

There tend to be a lot of tour buses that frequent Hualien.

It’s a good thing I never had to drive around Hualien– the clouds and mountains are far too distracting.  I’d never figure out proper directions.

The lamppost looks like an odd sort of tree…

Sitting on the bus, watching the scenery flow past the windows, I relaxed with the view of all that green and blue.  My kids and I all ended up dozing off at some point or another.  The nice thing about a bus is that I didn’t feel compelled to count heads every five minutes to make sure that I hadn’t lost any children on our field trip!


2 Responses to “Roadside Scenery around Hualien”

  1. 1 Caroline
    July 9, 2009 at 6:02 am

    Hi, just dropped by your website by chance and was attracted by the pictures taken in Taiwan. I’m from Hong Kong and love Taiwan (visited TW a couple times last year and once this year). Sorry that I haven’t browsed all articles in your blog yet; how long have you been to Taiwan? How do you see the Taiwanese culture?


    • July 28, 2009 at 5:42 pm

      Hi Caroline–
      I was in Taiwan for about two years, not including short family visits before that. Since my famiy is Taiwanese, Taiwanese culture was always some part of my life. I will always remember my time in Taiwan fondly.

      –meigutaiwanren 😉

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