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Typhoon Morakot

*Insert apologies for being a bad blog mistress here*

Although I’m not in Taiwan anymore, I have been worried upon hearing the news reports of the mudslides falling on small villages.  We just got through to talk with my aunt in Tainan tonight (the lines in Taipei haven’t been letting us through).  She told me that they are rationing water since there is not very much that is drinkable– the reservoirs have been flooded, and helicopters are dropping food and drinking water where villages in the mountains are supposed to be, but haven’t been able to confirm whether people are still alive there yet.  People are cooking noodles and dumplings instead of rice (rice needs to be rinsed in addition to the water added to cook it).  The cold drinks from 7/11 (No carton/bottle cold teas!?  Unthinkable!)  aren’t available.  Fresh fruit and vegetables on farms were washed away by Morakot, so she said food is pretty expensive right now.  Fortunately, as far as we’ve heard, our family is fine.

Apparently the cities are operating again and the roads and trains are clear and running.

Also, the Taiwanese government is bowing to public pressure to accept whatever foreign aid they can get since they need it… (Refrains from grumpy editorial about political idiocy.)  From what I’ve heard, they could really use more helicopters to try to get to those remote villages.

And if you’ve got change to spare and care to help relief efforts (good karma, anyone?), Tzu Chi is a fantastic Buddhist organization (I remember them being on practically every street corner asking for donations so they could provide assistance after the Chinese earthquake).  Apparently World Vision is also conducting relief efforts in Taiwan as well.

My heart aches for all the beautiful mountain villages we would visit on the weekends or drive past on the highways– their lights glittering on the mountains.  They seem so idyllic– there is usually a main street with a market of yummy touristy food, and depending on the village, you can meet artisans selling things from glass pens to ocarinas (clay whistles).  I miss Taiwan.  My thoughts are with everyone there.


Weekend to Tainan

From the window of the high-speed rail I saw the wind flow through the rice paddies, which rolled a bit like waves on water.

A dragonfly that just posed there on top of a tree, twisting its wings this way and that way to test the breeze.

A waterlily in our pond.

Puppy therapy: this one decided Momma’s bone was his too.  Of course, all the other puppies felt they deserved a share too.

There’s much more to post, but I’m a bit overdue for things like sleep and finishing projects and figuring out plans for the summer and beyond…  gah.  At least there isn’t a hairy black dust coat sitting on the fan vent inside my laptop now thanks to my awesome cousin.  Since we opened up Fawkes-Buckbeak, there have been no spontaneous shut downs!!  (fingers crossed that it will stay that way)

My mix tape for Taiwan these past couple of years would include these songs that I ran into in my head from things like karaoke, the internet, retail music, cousins, car-music, wedding receptions, dance class, the persistent past, and accidentally bumping into outdoor pop concerts.  I need a radio.  Notably missing is one song that I have no idea how to find because I hadn’t the slightest clue what it’s called or its English equivalent, but my former suitemate played it lots…  I don’t necessarily love everything on this, but some if it can be persistent and may loop in my head when I’m supposed to be serious about doing something else, like grading or writing that thing I should get back to now, if I am not going to sleep anyway.  You have been warned.


Sunsets from the train




I had never seen rice up close during the day before.  The fields are ripe, though not quite ready for harvest.

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