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One more on politicking…

Tomorrow is the general election for the presidency here in Taiwan.  Coincidentally, I received my absentee ballot today too.

Here’s one of the ubiquitous posters for the KMT, Blue party with Ma Ying-Jeou and his running mate:

Don’t they look like they’re just beseeching the voters to take pity on them?  😉   Here in Taipei, it’s hard to believe that Hsieh Chang Ting really is running, since it’s a very blue area in general.

But this weekend when we were in the South in Tainan, there was a huge long main road lined with DPP Party supporters:

See how the banner has an index finger up?  It stands for #1, which is where Hsieh is listed on the ballot.

Thumbs’ up also means #1 for Hsieh.

A ubiquitous election truck.  (Sorry these were all taken behind the window of my uncle’s car as my aunt maneuvered through traffic as best she could– so there is some glare).

After 10 PM tonight, all politicking is supposed to cease, so hopefully I will be able to get through lessons next week without being interrupted thanks to giggling and grumbles from my students as another election truck plays its marches and drums out a candidate’s name.

May the best man for the country win.


My take on the Chen Shui Bien scandal long after it’s old news…

Ookay, so I was really going to be good and start cleaning right away, but then I figured I should reply to the lovely people who have so graciously commented on my blog… Lo and behold, replying to this little question of misanthrope‘s in response to my post on democracy in Taiwan: “What is your take on the scandal that brought down the previous government?” has led me to a whole, what would be called a “blessay” by that lovely Renaissance man, wosshisname… Stephen Fry. Of course, by me, it’s probably more of a digression (bligression?) than anything else, and I make no claims to have a clue as to what I’m talking about, most of which is drawn from hearsay. That said… Here’s the original “comment”:

Hmmm… Well, as I mentioned in the previous post, my father told me sternly before I came here not to get involved in politics… Then proceeded to avidly question me whenever we chatted about politics, to which my usual answer was to cheekily remind him of his command and say I had no idea.

I actually haven’t followed things too much here, honestly, Michael Turton’s blog would probably be best to look at for this sort of thing…

Disclaimer aside, as far as I HAVE followed things… Continue reading ‘My take on the Chen Shui Bien scandal long after it’s old news…’

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