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In the garden

My aunt has this little white water flower that is quite possibly no more thanks to the tendency of the puppies to dive in and take a bath, eat, and drink from its pot.

Hibiscus is pretty, no?

A yellow lady’s slipper orchid.

Honeysuckle– the only flower we have at home too.

This interesting plant grows by the pond and has what I assume are fern-like seed pod thingies (such a technical term, right?).

Doesn’t this look like a lovely spot?  It would be lovelier without the little black white-spotted mosquitos, but I suppose one can’t have everything.

These tiny flowers become the red berries below.

I have no idea what this plant is, but it’s pretty.

This is actually a small frond of a large fern.  Ferns in Taiwan are often huge.


Water lilies

Here’s a sampling of the water lilies cultivated by my aunt now in my grandfather’s garden pond.  In Chinese, “water lily” is lien hwa, and I have had neat tea from it too.

Note about the blog– Sorry I’ve been a bad netizen lately– had my frenzied last day and a very busy field trip with the kids which may take me some time to recover from (*yes, I’m an old lady and my knees were definitely shaky with a spinny head after the water-coaster!)… I’m going to either be an incredibly prolific or incredibly sporadic poster in the next few weeks, depending on how things shake out, so my apologies in advance if I turn out to be the latter.  Wish me luck– I’m flying free again.  For those of you just tuning into the blog– I’m not in chronological order, or keeping up with the present (this should be no surprise for those of you who know me…) ;P

Hope everyone stateside has a fabulous Fourth of July and sings the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the fireworks for me!


Happy Still-Shiny-New Year!

 Okay, I’m late.  However, while perusing my files for something completely different (like inspiration to whittle my history into 250 articulate, personable words), I ran across this photo.

I think photo credit goes to my cousin, since I did take a couple of shots, and they were a bit blurred thanks to my notoriously shaky hands…  That and balancing on the little bridge on my grandfather’s pond.  There’s a saying in my mother’s family that the whole family has dunked into that pond at least once.  I have thus far escaped the dunking, though I’ve scrubbed algae off the walls of the pond, leaning over the edge, had a massive water fight in the yard (the house has a marvelous number of faucets attached to marigold-colored plastic hoses, and my cousin discovered the joy of shooting water out of the showerhead through the bathroom window at us too)., and teetered while taking photos of the flowers.

The flower that blooms at night.

Anyway, it’s the flower that only blooms at night– blooming in my grandparents’ pond during Moon Festival (which, yes, happened a while ago).

May we all bloom this year.

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