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Around Cheng Da

Sorry I’ve been a hideous blog mistress when it comes to updating.  My trusty laptop Fawkes-Buckbeak fell prey to the black screen of death and since then I’ve been hopping between shared computers, which didn’t have ready access to my archives of pictures.  Of course once I fell out of the habit of posting, it required some catching up to figure out what I’ve posted and what I haven’t from what is now over a year ago’s worth of reminisces and images.

So here are some images from National Cheng Kung University (Cheng Da or Cheng Gong Da Shuei as my personal romanization goes…), taken in the summer of 2008 (eeks, time flew!) while I was trying to study Chinese.

The view from the covered space between buildings where students could be found practicing skits, dancing, or Tai Chi in the shade.  The entrance gate is at the end of that long vista.

The pond in front of the foreign languages department with its lovely red bridge.

The bridge had very shallow steps.

Sparrows were lined up on the railings.

Rock formation on the little pond island.

A palm that lost to a typhoon and gravity.

A curious mushroom.

Another rock formation on the island– some of the white ones are worn corals, I think…

An old gate to the campus.

I don’t know why the paving stones have a semi-circular placement.

A stone sculpture on campus.


Tainan Temples

This is a public building where my cousin told me as a child their school used to come here for exercises and special events . You can definitely see the Japanese architecture here.

These shots are from our visit to the 5 Concubines temple which is devoted to the memory of the five concubines that hung themselves out of devotion to their prince when he committed suicide at the fall of the dynasty.  Um… Okay, so they probably wouldn’t have lasted in the new regime either, but eeks!

A clock with its own weathervane outside the Museum of Literature‘s coffee shop.  We did stop in at the Museum of Literature, but were all a bit dazed by that point.  I remember walking past photographs of authors and wishing that I was actually a good Chinese student who was literate.  There were a couple of neat quotes in English though.

Notice the wedding couple getting their photos taken in the hollow of the modern statue’s embrace?

Another wedding couple at the Confucius Temple.

This link has more info on temples in Tainan.

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