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On the deception of a sunny afternoon….

It was a breezy sunny afternoon on Friday, which led to my undoing.  I am not going to be internet-ing much unless a miracle once again makes my computer worthy of the “Fawkes” part of its name.

Suffice it to say that the brilliant genes of my family avoided me, because otherwise I would have remembered the variances of the weather, an umbrella, and closed the window above my desk before the torrential rain came.  It was worthy of dancing in, though I only did some satisfying splashes.

My notebook, however, decided to go swimming.  I discovered that fountain pen ink puddles and dries into nice empty splotches on my MSs, and my entire desk experienced the deluge.

At least my camera was spared.

My mother and I debated whether it’s a sign (it and my thus far unsuccessful, yet expensive attempts at the lottery) that I should give up dead trees and electricity for scribbles, or that I should just close the window before leaving the apartment, or that backing up data is divine.

Sorry if I don’t get back to msgs and comments for a while.  Cross your fingers that when I have to guts to see if it’s all dried out, Fawkes-Buckbeak will have a miraculous resurrection.

Now I’m going to go be a good teacher and figure out what I’m doing today…



Outside there is the misting sort of rain which I love to walk through because it tingles on your skin. Each tiny mist-droplet–a kiss that glimmers under the light.

My mother drew my attention to the fact that it has been a long time since I’ve updated the blog. I’ve been intending to, but there are the usual excuses… I’m kind of blocked up about the very next thing I’ve been meaning to blog for over a summer now.

In the meantime, things have been quiet. Too quiet.

My cousin warned me when I met up with him about a year ago, that really one has to meet new people if one wants to change one’s life. And while I’ve made friends with all the vendors in the area who serve me food and know me as the kuh ai hua chao whose Chinese is funky, I’ve been quite reclusive since coming to Taiwan. Outside of my family and work, I meant to concentrate on solitude and my own personal projects.

However, it never quite works out the way one intends. Perhaps my cousin was right–in some ways, I switched one room for another. One set of white walls where I sit and read books and daydream for another set of white walls where I do something similar. The only differences being the languages outside of the door and the weather. I confess to being a bit homesick for the crackle and colors of fall.

Anyway, for those of you who have been checking back– thanks for your persistence. I have passionfruit and buddha fruit and ling jiao and redness sitting in the wings after I get through the beastly blog post that has been malingering in my drafts box waiting…

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